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Transformation of Knowladge on Practical Activity Design
Pratiwi Wulandari

Last modified: 2017-07-26


Practical activity design in practical activities is verry important. A good practical activity design as the directing mind in the process in guiding students construct knowledge. Nowadays a lot of designs are found that are not relevant anymore.This study aims to describe transformation of the factual knowledge to the conceptual practical on activity design in school. This Sample was obtained from high school in west bandung. Sample is determined by Purpousive sampling technique. Process analysis of factual knowledge to the conceptual transformation is based on instruments of the stages of the formation of knowledge on diagram of vee novak & gowin. The data is obtained and analysis qualitatively. The results show that the transformation of factual to conceptual knowledge practical activity design used in schools has a different quality of knowledge transformation. The result is 20% included in very good category, 30% good, 30% medium, 20% less. In Practical activity design many  problems in the process of data recording and referring questions. It can lead to the process of knowledge claim does not occur or happen knowladge claim but the knowledge that can be wrong (misconception).