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Minapadi Development Strategy in Supporting National Food Security
sri lestari

Last modified: 2017-07-26


Efforts to achieve food security, especially food self-sufficiency, face severe challenges. Intensification needs to be done in optimizing the existing land by applying integrated agriculture. One of them is by integrating agriculture aspect and fishery aspect with implementation of minapadi. Minapadi cultivation has actually grown since a long time, but in the course of time this system began displaced because of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Minapadi become a prima donna back in line with the increasing public awareness of the importance of sustainable environment, health, increasing demand for organic products that are free from pesticide residues which means safe for consumption. Minapadi is the answer to the fulfillment of people's need for carbohydrate and protein food. Blending the fulfillment of carbohydrates is rice as the staple food of most people with the fulfillment of animal protein from fish commodities to add nutritional value. In realizing the food security is required strategy Minapadi development. This descriptive research aims to find out various minapadi development strategies in several regions with different methods based on literature and previous studies.

Keywords: food security, minapadi, development strategy.