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Design and Proposal of Interactive Distance Learning Media in Rural Area
Eko Hadi Gunawan

Last modified: 2017-07-26


In Indonesia the condition of education in every region is still uneven. One of the problems is the limited number of educators and infrastructure that inadequate, especially in remote areas outside Java, such as in the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan. Internet that unavailable to reach the rural areas, inadequate a human resources and computer resources become obstacles to perform of distance learning process. So it takes distance learning media solutions that are able to solve these challenges. In this paper we explain how the distance learning process can be done with the learning media that has low resources, can run without depend on the internet and student are able to do what can be done when they use distance learning actually such as accessing all the materials, questions, write evaluation for teachers and get updates both material and questions. Learning media system is divided into two parts. Client used by students and server used by teacher. From the server side, teachers can write materials and exams that will be answered by students. In client side, students can bring learning media and access all the subject matter and exams that have been published by the teacher wherever they are. The results of the test and evaluations from students and the updating of materials and tasks that published by the teacher can be updated when the learning media of students connect to the Internet and synchronize to the server. The result of testing of this learning media which tested in the rural area of Riau and Central Borneo stated that the limitations of the internet to deliver the distance learning material can be overcome by using synchronization system on learning media. The system is consuming the minimum resources and learning process is more interactive both in terms of students and teachers.