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Daru Retnowati, Ir., M.Si

Last modified: 2017-07-26


Food Security is closely related to agriculture, including fisheries. Food is a basic necessity and indispensable to humans. Food needs can be met from agriculture and fisheries. Nowadays, there are many agricultural lands and fisheries are turning to settlements and offices. This has an impact on both nationally and locally food security. The conversion of agriculture land into housing and offices is not only derived from farmer factors due to the farmers' income which is mediocre, but also farmers difficulty in accessing capital and marketing of agricultural products. Farmers are often played by middlemen in obtaining capital and marketing. To overcome these obstacles, the government took the policy of forming farmer groups. The existence of farmer groups is expected to facilitate access to marketing and capital. Farmer groups are channeling the government assistance, whether capital, seeds, training, or technology and knowledge assistance. In addition, farmer groups have a goal to increase knowledge in the field of agricultural land management and obtain solutions to solve problems in agriculture. To improve the knowledge of farmers, the government also provides services and training with advisors of agricultural extension workers.

This research is qualitative. The population in this study were members of the fish farming group in Purwomartani, Kalasan, Sleman. The population in this study were 4 Farmers Group in Purwomartani, Kalasan, Sleman. The sample in this research is 1 farmer group with the largest number of members that is 31 people. For the other three groups of fish farmers the number of members is 20 people.

The results show that farmer groups are effective in supporting government programs. The role of farmer groups is needed to support the successful management of agricultural land, improvement of knowledge and skills of fish farmers, renewal of agricultural technology and equipment, and marketing of agricultural products. The members of the farmers' group play a very important role in providing services to their group members. Farmers also feel the benefit from the presence of farmer groups which are managed with good management.

Keywords: Food Security, Farmer Group, Technology, Management.