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A Theoretical Analysis of Metacognition in Mathematics Learning Process
Patrisius Afrisno Udil

Last modified: 2017-07-19


The poor of mathematics performance especially relates to students ability for solving mathematics problem is the classic problem happen in Indonesia. It is caused by the learning process that always promotes students rotes and memorizing. Mathematics learning process is still mechanistic and algorithmic process without consider the role of students metacognition process in solving mathematics problem. This article aims to review comprehensively about the importance of metacognition in mathematics learning process. This review discussed theoretically the importance of metacognition process in mathematical problem solving regarding the need of metacognition in mathematics problem solving activity and the role of metacognition process for improving mathematical problem solving ability. Finally, it proposes theoretical model of students’ metacognition aspect in solving mathematics problem and theoretical framework regarding the relation of metacognition process in mathematics learning process for improving students’ mathematics performance.