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Strengthening Competitiveness of Manufactures in Industrial Estate through the Implementation of Environmental Management and Quality Management Standard
Sri Sarjana

Last modified: 2017-07-24


Environmental management and quality management systems are an important part that can be studied, understood and implemented by manufactures in industrial estate for managing the environment and producing quality products to enhance competitiveness in business processes. Implementation of both management standards needs to get attention because it has become a market demand in providing quality products, safe for consumers and meet the requirements of security, safety, and environmental sustainability. The use of environmental management standards is a framework in helping companies to develop corporate environmental management system, managing environmental aspects and improving environmental performance. The benefits of implementing quality management include ensuring customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and risk management control to improve the competitiveness of the company. Target management can be arranged alone and not limited in the system with the hope that corporate goals can be achieved. Successful implementation of both systems relies heavily on the commitment of all levels of employees. This research examines the influence of environmental management system and quality management, management commitment and competitiveness for manufactures in industrial area. Structural Equation Modelling is used in testing the hypotheses for this research. The results concluded that the  environmental management system and quality management have a positive effect on management commitment and have an impact directly or indirectly to the competitiveness of manufactures in industrial estate. This research is expected to be a reference for companies in the industry to strengthen the competitiveness by implementing both the environmental management system and quality consistently.