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Natural wrapping paper from banana (Musa paradisiaca Linn) pell waste with additive essential oils
widiastuti agustina eko setyowati

Last modified: 2017-07-18


The research aimed to produce natural wrapping paper from banana (Musa Paradisiaca Linn.) peel waste with additive essentials oils. The method used in this research was alkalization in which the cooking used NaOH 4% solution at temperature of 100oC for 1.5 hours with the addition of 10% tapioca starch and the essential oils of cinnamon oil, citrus oil, clove oil and lime oil for 2%-3% each. The tests of the produced papers included moisture content (dry-oven method SNI ISO 287:2010), pH (SNI ISO 6588-1.2010), gramatur (SNI ISO 536:2010) and brightness (SNI ISO 2470:2010). Testing results of each paper were compared with commercial wrapping paper. The result shows that the banana peel waste paper with additive essential oil meet the standard of ISO 6519:2016 about Basic Paper for Laminated Plastic Wrapping Paper within the parameter of PH and moisture content, and ISO 8218:2015 about Food Paper and Cardboard within the gramatur parameter (high grade gramatur). It can be concluded that banana peel waste can be used as material of wrapping paper with the additive essential oil. The result which is closest to commercial wrapping paper is the paper made of banana peel waste within the additive cinnamon of 2%, containing pH of 6.95, moisture content of 7,14%, gramatur of 347,6 gram/m2 and the brightness level of 24,68%.