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Construction of Calorimeters Based of Arduino Mega Microcontroller With Data Readout Through SmartPhone
Dwi Teguh Rahardjo

Last modified: 2017-07-22


Abstract. Calorimeters based Arduino Mega microcontroller have been created using DS18B20 temperature sensors and Load Cell sensors. Arduino Mega Microcontroller also features HX711 module to measure mixed temperature inside calorimeter. The reading result of mass and mixed temperature inside calorimeter is displayed on the android smartphone screen with the help of HC-05 Bluetooth wireless communication media. The use of Arduino Mega microcontroller to make it easier to determine the specific heat of an object indirectly. Creation of calorimeter based Arduino Mega microcontroller aims to reduce manual measurement error. The temperature measurement calibration for the DS18B20 temperature sensor has a relative error of 4.36% and for the digital thermometer has a relative error of 4.62%. Mass measurement calibration results for Load Cell sensors have a relative error of 4.10% and Digital Scales have a relative error of 4.14%.