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Interactive Media Instrument on Mathematics Authentic Assessment
Desrina Fauziah

Last modified: 2017-07-19



Statistics is one of the most important branches in mathematics. The purpose of teaching this material is to develop students’ level of  mathematical communication to explain condition or problems in real life. One of the ways to achieve that goal is precisely the assessment used. Assessment is an integral part in the learning process. Assessment process and the results should be thoroughly, so that all aspects of the ability of learners can be measured. Authentic assessment is in response to criticism that the assessment made educators are mostly paper and pencil test purely cognitive. Mathematics authentic assessment with  interactive media instrument is expected to help educators and students in achieving learning objectives. This type of research is the development of research. The research purpose is to create a valid interactive media instrument on mathematics authentic assessment. The retrieved valid instrument based on expert judgment is 2,78 for eligibility constructions aspect, and 2,5 for eligibility presentation aspect, 3 for eligibility contents aspect, and 2,67 for eligibility didactic aspect.


Keywords: Interactive Media Instrument, Mathematic Authentic Assessment