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Fabrication and efficiency analysis of dye sensitized solar device using anthocyanin dye combination of mangosteen skin (Garcinia mangostana L.) and rosella flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) extracted
Hening Asti Rahayu

Last modified: 2017-07-24


Abstract. This report was anthocyanin of combination Garcinia mangostana L. and Hibiscus sabdariffa L. variation 1 and variation 2 extracted as natural dye in DSSC after treatment with different methods and three different time contact on TiO2: 8h, 16h, and 24h. These treated dyes were evaluated as sensitizers of dye sensitized solar cell and the performances were investigated by keithley I-V meter 2602A. The treated dyes were shown to enhance the short circuit photocurrent density (Isc) and hence contributing to the increase in power conversion efficiency. Characterization dye using UV-Vis Spectrofotometry and FTIR while TiO2 characterization using XRD. Composite electrode using semi-conductor TiO2 and carbon electrode was prepared as counter electrode, after that fresh extract of rosella and mangosteen were employed as sensitizers in thin layer sandwich type photo electrochemical dye sensitized solar cells. Absorbance result of UV-Vis spectroscopy from extract rosella flower were at UV wavelength with lmax 308.12 nm and 543.09 in visible rays, whereas mangosteen skin extracts showed UV absorption wavelength with lmax 312.1 nm and visible light wave range with lmax 556.05 nm. It show that this dye could be use as sensityzer of DSSC. FTIR results show the presence of the -OH, C-H, C=C, C=O and C-O groups in the rosella flower powder while the mangosteen peel leads to the -OH, C-H, C=O, C=C, and C-O groups.This suggests that there is an anthocyanin in the dye was used. The XRD spektrum indicate that the film has a crystalite size about 19-39 nm and the structure was mainly in the form of anatase, while no rutile indication was observed. Dye treated with variation 1 and variation 2 under 24h time contact  showed the best performance with overall conversion efficiency of 1.72ˣ10-2%, and 0.6ˣ10-2%. Overall rosella-mangosteen dye could be attractive alternative asa a dye sensitized.

Keywords : DSSC, natural dye sensitized, rosella, mangosteen.