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The Development of Assessment for Learning Model WITH Goformative and Pen Tablet
imam sujadi, ikrar pramudya

Last modified: 2017-07-21


Abstract. This research aims to obtain the development of Assessment For Learning (AfL) model in mathematics learning by using technology that is goformative website and stationery in the form of a  digital pen or pen tablet. Goformative and pen tablets are used so that the time in use AfL model becomes more optimal. As we know that AfL is important to implement in learning, but time constraints make teachers rarely use it. The method used in this study is a modification of ten research and development phases proposed by Borg & Gall which are grouped into three stages: (1) preliminary study, (2) development, (3) evaluation. The results of the research show that the application of this new model gives higher achievement than the previous teacher learning model as well as the teacher feel the time of implementation of the AFL model in learning becomes more optimal. Based on the results of this study concluded that the AFL model is easy to implement, the implementation time becomes more optimal and produce better student learning achievement compared with those who do not use it.Keywords: AFL; Goformative; Pen tablets; learning achievement;