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How does The Mathematics Teacher Identify Students’ Learning Difficulities
Ikhsan Abdul Latif

Last modified: 2017-07-19


Every teacher has to be able to solve the learning difficulities of their students. Learning difficulties are influenced by two factors, namely internal and external factors. Internal factors derived from students’  psychic and physical disability, while external factors derived from the conditions of the surrounding environment that do not support learning activities. Therefore, the teacher is required to be able to identify students’ learning difficulties and their causes and also create the strategies to solve these difficulties.

This study describes how the Maths teacher identify and solve the students’ learning difficulties. The subject of this study is a Vocational High School Maths teacher. This study uses interview method to find out what the Maths teachers do in identifying students’learning difficulties and create the strategies to solve them.

Based on the interview results concluded that in identifying learning difficulties, the teacher asks questions during the learning process, goes around and observes the students’ work, looks at the exam results, and interviewing the students. The strategy used by teachers to solve the students’ learning difficulties are ask questions and repeat materials that the students have not understood yet. In addition, if there are students who have difficulty learning because of the complex problems, then the teacher will consult with the counseling teachers.