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The Development of Student Activity Sheet (SAS) Based Multiple Intelligences (MI) and Oriented towards Problem Solving Skills Using Simple Science Tools to Improve the Results of Learning and Problem Solving Skills of Elementary School Students
Duhita Savira Wardani

Last modified: 2017-07-26


The aim of this research is to produce SAS based on MI and problem solving skills oriented using simple science tools that are suitable to be used by elementary school students for energy material. The feasibility of SAS is based on validity, practicality, and effectiveness. The implementation of Lesson Plan (LP) and student activities are the indicators of SAS practicality. The effectiveness of SAS is measured by indicators of increased learning outcomes and problem-solving skills. The development of SAS follows the 4-D (define, design, develop, and disseminate) phase, which is limited to the third stage (develop). The written SAS was then validated through expert judgment by two experts in the science field, before being tested to the target students (trial I and II). The SAS trial used a one group pre-test post-test design. The result of the research shows that: (1) SAS is valid with “good” category, (2) SAS is considered practical as seen from increased student activity at each meeting and LP implementation, and (3) SAS was declared as effective from the significant difference between pretest and post test result of learning result and problem solving skill test so that SAS is feasible to be used in learning.