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Primary School Teachers’ Perception of Teaching Disaster Preparedness in the Classroom
ardiana pangestika konita

Last modified: 2017-07-26


This study reports on an investigation into primary school teachers' perceptions of teaching disaster preparedness in the classroom. The sample consisted of 30 teachers in Central Java, Indonesia. Data were collected via a questionnaire. Natural disasters significantly increased around the world as the impact of environmental degradation, global climate change, and increased population density. Indonesia has complete geological hazards such as floods, earthquake, tsunami, landslide, droughts, bushfires and volcanic eruption. The results showed even though, teachers realize that primary school age children are the most vulnerable to natural disaster and schools play an important role in fostering disaster preparedness, they are still not able to teach disaster preparedness in the classroom. This study revealed that some findings were rooted in the lack of knowledge related to disaster preparedness in the classroom but they are willing to learn more with support and training.