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Character Analysis of Pendulum Oscillation at PLTGL-SB
Juniarko prananda

Last modified: 2017-07-22


Abstract. Energy is everlasting demand which sustain humanity and its activity throughout the world. The problem rise up when we know that our main source of energy, which is fossil fuel nearly depleted and causing huge environmental damage. Using ocean wave energy we can convert the wave into eco-green energy. Indonesia very abundant wave energy, it’s coastal line is 95,181 km number 2 in the world after Canada. The device that used to convert ocean wave energy into electrical energy is called WECs (Wave Energy Converters). Latterly, there are many kind of WECs that already developed by engineer. Ocean wave power plant based on pendulum system is one type of the WECs that has simple ways of working. The man who first invented this device is Zamrisyaf in 2010. But until today, the researcher still haven’t found the parameter of pontoon geometry that can afford a good seakeeping for this WECs. In this work, the research of the ocean wave power plant based on pendulum system has been performed using experimental approach. The aim of this paper is to analyze the novel geometry of pontoon that identical to trimaran that can produce large ampitudo of pendulum oscillation through experimental approach. The analyzed aspect are the combination of outrigger length, outrigger height, pendulum rod length, pendulum mass, and wave periods which have maximum amplitude of pendulum oscillation. The experimental results shown that the best combination is pontoon thus has outrigger length of 413 mm, outrigger height of 40 mm, pendulum rod length of 106.7 mm, pendulum mass of 20, and wave periods of 0.8 s which have maximum amplitude of pendulum oscillation as big as 60 degrees.
Keyword: Renewable Energy, Ocean Wave Energy, Trimaran Pontoon