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Concentration of CO and O3 at Municipal Solid Waste Landfill of Semarang
Mochamad Arief Budihardjo

Last modified: 2017-07-05


The activities of waste processing at municipal solid waste landfill (MSWL) involving some activities such as movement of garbage trucks, operation of heavy machineries and process of organic waste decomposition, result in pollutants that contribute to air pollution. Pollutants that are potentially harmful to the people who work at MSWL are carbon monoxide (CO) and ozone (O3). Therefore, this research aimed to discover how much the emission of carbon monoxide gas (CO) and ozone (O3) that were generated by the MSWL in related to the activities at the MSWL and the influences of meteorological factors, i.e. temperature, humidity and wind velocity. The sampling was done in 5 location at three different times, which were morning, afternoon and evening. The sampling of gas concentration was done in accordance to SNI 7119.10:2011 about measurement method of carbon monoxide (CO) and SNI 19.7119.8:2005 about measuring the oxidant levels (O3). The result showed the concentrations of both pollutant gases were fluctuating and influenced by activities at MSWL and meteorological factors. The concentrations of carbon monoxide gas (CO) were between 2519.43 to 3467.9 µg/m3 while the concentrations of ozone gas (O3) ranged from 40.50 to 63.67 µg/m3. It was also found that the concentration pollutant at MSWL was strongly influenced by temperature and wind velocity. The pattern of pollutant movement was also being analyzed by generating map of concentration of CO and O3 at MSWL.