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Study Of Waste Management Towards Sustainable Green Campus (Case Studies In Universitas Gadjah Mada )
Mega Setyowati

Last modified: 2017-07-04


Waste management is a part of the green campus achievement program. Universitas Gadjah Mada has a Standard Operating Procedure in managing produced waste. Waste produced by each building or work unit is temporarily accommodated in the waste depot before dumped into the landfill. This research aims to study the waste management system in UGM, in accordance with the concept of green campus. The concept of green campus to improve the efficiency of waste management needs to be supported by various parties. The success of the green campus program relies on integrated approach, sustainable implementation that involves stakeholders of the university. In actualizing the concept of green campus, the university has its own waste processing system. The organic produced waste is processed into compost, while plastic waste is converted into alternative fuel. Overall, the waste management system that UGM owns is ineffective and inefficient, it was proved by the fact that there are still many waste dumped into the landfill. UGM provides a laboratory that is specialized to process waste that is produced by UGM. It is planned to be able to reduce the amount of waste that is dumped into the landfill. According to the results, vermicomposting technology, the manufacture of liquid fertilizer from leachate, and the manufacture of composite from mixture of leaves and paper were offered as solutions.