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Computerized two-tier multiple choice based on multiple representation in chemistry as new effective and efficient diagnostic tools for student learning difficulties in chemical bond
Fetra May Dawati, Sri Yamtinah

Last modified: 2017-06-23


The chemistry lessons are divided into three level representations of chemistry: macroscopic, sub-microscopic and symbolic. It caused the results of the assessment of student learning outcomes are still less satisfactory. This study aims to design an efficient and effective assessment instrument for teachers. This research is a development study consisting of four stages including 1) preliminary investigation, 2) theoretical embedding, 3) empirical testing, 4) documentation, analysis, and reflection on process and outcome. This research was conducted in 3 SMA in Surakarta with sample consisting of 7 teachers and 187 students.  Data collection techniques are done through observation, questionnaires and tests. The results of interviews and questionnaires of teachers were three points while student questionnaire results were four points. Most teachers need to be developed instrument computerized two-tier multiple choice (CTTMC). In conclusion, it is necessary to develop an effective and efficient CTTMC instrument that can diagnose students' learning difficulties along with individual student provisions on chemical bond.