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Elementary School Teacher’s Ability for Applying Discovery Learning Theory in 2013 Curriculum
Umy Annisa Amaliana

Last modified: 2017-07-04


One of the learning models in curriculum 2013 is discovery learning. This study aims to describe the ability of teachers to implementing discovery learning in elementary school who have implemented 2013 curriculum. This is a qualitative research. The data resource is teacher who implemented 2013 curriculum  since 2014. The data collecting used observations, interviews, and documenter studies.  The data analysis technique used was interactive data analysis technique by Miles and Hubberman. The results showed that the teachers already applies discovery learning, but the discovery learning was not implemented optimally because some discovery learning step was not carried out.  The teachers ability to condition class also lacked. This condition makes implemented discovery learning with learning conventional taste. Teachers should can implemented  discovery learning optimally so that motivation of students in learning could rise because students are required to think and find an answer. On the other side this condition also makes that knowledge gained students could last a long time or are more easily remembered.