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Implementation of Thematic Learning on Curriculum 2013 in 4th Grade Elementary School
Husna Yusrina

Last modified: 2017-07-05


Thematic learning is currently used by the 2013 curriculum in Indonesia. Now, thematic learning becomes important in learning activities so that learners can gain knowledge which widely according goals that must be achieved. But the implementation is very different in each region, which is adjusted to the condition of the school. The aim of this study: 1) How is the implementation of thematic learning in the curriculum, 2013 in the fourth grade of elementary school; 2) Determine the need for teachers in carrying out thematic learning in the fourth grade of elementary school. This research uses qualitative research method. The study was conducted in public elementary schools in the Pattimura cluster, Klaten district which has been using the 2013 curriculum. The subjects of the study were grade IV elementary school teachers in the Patimura cluster, Klaten. The methods used to collect data are in-depth interviews and observations. Observational data were used to find out the implementation of thematic learning implementation in the 2013 curriculum in the fourth grade of elementary school, while interviews were used to find out the needs of teachers in running thematic lessons in grade IV of elementary school. The results of this research are: 1) all teachers have implemented thematic teaching in accordance with the curriculum of 2013, but in the assessment process, there are some teachers who are still experiencing difficulties, and there are some students who are still passive in their learning; 2) In the implementation of thematic learning, teachers still need other references to deepen the material and to develop the ability of learners to be more independent in obtaining knowledge in accordance with the objectives that have been determined, and teachers need adequate infrastructure facilities for the implementation of thematic learning can be maximized.

Keyword: thematic learning, 2013 curriculum, education