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Humanism in Science Learning for Exceptional Children
Siti Masfuah

Last modified: 2017-07-05


The purpose of this research are to describe the science learning of for exceptional children (ABK), analyzing the needs of science learning media based on characteristics of ABK, and describe the approach of humanism in science learning for ABK. This research was conducted in the exceptional children’s school (SLB) Kudus Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.  Data were collected by literature study, observation, interview, and documentation. Informants of this research are principals and teachers of SLB. The analysis technique is data triangulation with data reduction stage, data presentation, and conclusion based on data description. Research findings show that (1) science learning for ABK can be done by scientifically inquiry if media are available that match the characteristics of ABK; (2) media available in SLB mostly like public schools, therefore it is needed science learning media in accordance with the characteristics of ABK in order to obtain meaningful learning; (3) the implications of humanism approach can be done by integrating the values of humanism in science learning strategy so as to obtain a fun learning class.