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Last modified: 2017-07-05


This paper discusses about the limitations of government budgeting was allocated to maintenance and rehabilitation of buildings. To optimize the existing budget constraints, it is important to choose the right decision. So, the limited budgeting can be absorbed optimally. The meaning of optimal here is the budget is used to carry out maintenance activities or rehabilitation of building components that provide maximum benefit value. Implementation of maintenance should not exceed the existing budget ceiling. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the components of the building that will be prioritized for maintenance and / or rehabilitation.


Criteria that are taken into consideration in determining the priority of buildings maintenance and rehabilitation is the damage of building components and maintenance costs. For criteria building components damage sorted from the component of the building that suffered the greatest damage. The criteria of the maintenance costs also sorted from building components that require the most maintenance costs. Next, analyze to building components damage and maintenance costs. It is to determine alternative maintenance activities with limited maintenance budgets. This cases includes knapsack problem 0-1. The analysis is done using dynamic programming method with microsoft excel for help.