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Cultivation of mixed culture of Glagah consortium and Arthrospira maxima in Thin-layer Photo-bioreactor for Third-generation Biofuels Feedstock
Wahyu Prihastuti Yuarrina

Last modified: 2017-07-03


The increasing global uses for fossil fuels cause depletion of supplies and the contribution to climate change by GHG emissions into the atmosphere. Microalgae indicate as alternative renewable sustainable energy sources as they have a high potential for producing large amounts of biomass which can be used for feedstock of third-generation biofuels (bioethanol) at large scale. However, there are parameters which should be considered for cultivation of microalgae, such as environmental conditions, medium composition, and microalgae species.

The aim of this research was to study cultivation of mixed microalgae culture (Glagah consortium and Arthrospira maxima) in a thin-layer photo-bioreactor. BBM, Farmpion, and TEAM were used as media of cultivation. The result showed that the highest productivity was in  BBM, followed by Farmpion and TEAM, respectively. In addition, mathematical approach with the Contois equation was used to find out the growth rate performance of this mixed-culture of microalgae.