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Early Laboratory Skill Analysis of Senior High School’s Students in Ternate City in the Chemistry Lesson
St. Hayatun Nur Abu

Last modified: 2017-06-23


The aim of this research was to know of early Laboratory skill at grade X and XI natural seciences of Senior high school students in Ternate city. The sampels was SMA Islam (A accreditation), SMA Negeri 6 (B accreditation), dan SMA Negeri 10 (C accreditation) selected by cluster random sampling and simple random sampling. The laboratory’s skill was measured by test instrument. Techniques of data analysis used by discriptive data analysis techniques with SPSS 20 assistance. The result of this reseach showed that average of student’s laboratory skill at high school with A and B accreditation was 57.49 and 56, 32 in the medium category, while 21.38 for high school with C accreditation in the weak category. In generally, the average initial skill of the students laboratory in Ternate city was 45.06 in the medium category.
Keywords: Analysis, Laboratory Skills, High School Students.