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A Novel Approach to Flood Early Warning System using Decision Support System: the FEWEAS project in Bengawan Solo River Basin
Armi Susandi, Aristyo Rahadian Wijaya

Last modified: 2017-07-04


The management of flood hazards and risks is a critical component of public safety and quality of life. The flood hazard tends to develop at space-time scales that traditional observation systems are not able to monitor for rainfall and river discharge. Furthermore, the traditional observation systems are highly cost as the need for maintenance to keep the system worked. Consequently, there is a large gap time between the optimal timing for sounding the warning system and the flood event, which also leading to the uncertainty forecasts of the events. The main objective of FEWEAS project has been to improve the scientific basis of practical flood early warning which based on interaction of atmospheric and hydrological generating mechanisms for flood forecasting. The final aim of the FEWEAS project was to give an easy-understand of early warning information and action that community should took in advance for facing the flood event. This paper provides a novel approach of the work conducted in FEWEAS project with a special emphasis and consideration on how this body of research could contributed to guide the best decision-making concerning flood risk management.