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Simple Preparation of Rice Husk Activated Carbon (RHAC) and Applications for Laundry and Methylene Blue Wastewater Treatment
Riyanto Riyanto Riyanto

Last modified: 2017-06-23


The research of laundry and methylene blue waste water treatment has been done using rice husk activated carbon (RHAC). Preparation of Rice Husk Activated Carbon (RHAC) was doing by the furnace with temperature activating at 400 oC. RHAC preparation results were used for laundry and methylene blue waste water treatment. In this study was also conducted the time and the weight of RHAC variation. Laundry waste water 100 mL was mixed by rice husk activated carbon (RHAC) powder as much 2 g then stirred and filtered. The performance of RHAC can be seen at the COD before and after treatment. The results showed that the time and weight of a good condition for methylene blue waste treatment are 60 minute and 7 g RHAC. The percentage of COD reduction for laundry waste water treatment at 30 minutes is 79,39%. As a conclusion is the best percentage of COD reduction is 90,19% using RHAC with weight is 7 g.


Keywords: laundry, methylene blue, rice husk, activated, carbon, COD